The Wedding Lunch (The Pavilion, Manly, Sydney)

“Amare non è solo guardarsi l’un l’altro, ma guardare insieme nella stessa direzione.” ~ A. de Saint-Exupery

The Long Italian Lunch with Gianpaolo and Belinda.

To spend a long afternoon with friends and family indulging in extraordinary food over a drink or seven has always felt exquisitely transgressive, whoever you are. It is a small act of personal rebellion against the hustle of the world outside.  Aperitifs turn into Anti-pasta, that turn into cured tuna and the conversations rise and flow with the flavours. Toasts are made and jokes are shared. – slowly like time had not been invited that day.

How did it get so late so soon, should we cut the cake, when did the rain start, people asked each other while  the red wine flows and the children performed Fortnite dances to confused grandparents.

Doesn’t this sound like the most perfect way to spend the afternoon. Throw in a quick wedding ceremony out on the verandah before hand and you’re basically in heaven.

So it did rain, and the ‘planned’ shoot didn’t quite happen, but who needs plans when you have 100% contentment.

If Barolo made weddings it would kinda look like this.



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