SmALL Wedding, manly, Sydney

So you’ve just sweated blood and tears to open your brand new 2nd business that week, Industrial Urban Kitchen, where you’ve planned to host your 2nd childs naming ceremony, and you think, now that’s not enough, that all sounds far too easy! So you decide, because you can, because you must, because of ‘YES’, to throw your OWN wedding into the mix.

Now some people (the less brave, the less bold) may have decided to tell a few people. You know, so they could help sugar those almonds and puff-up half a dozen balloons. But not Sami and Amanda, they wanted to make the whole day as special for everyone else as it was going to be for them. So they set about, selflessly planning a secret wedding. A kick-arse secret, surprise wedding.  They asked me to turn up for a few hours, nothing more, nothing less and NOTHING cheesy/ traditional or staged!

So lets skip forward.  Violets naming ceremony was coming to a close, the slide show subtly changes, showing images of Sami and Amanda. Slowly, very slowly everyone begins to realise that this day suddenly is getting a whole load bigger. As the girls were making a quick, 7 minute super change in the kitchen behind (who needs hours at a salon when you’re basically lush anyways?!!),   I watched their friends and family explode with love. The tears were running and everyone starts spontaneously hugging each other.  They knew, finally,  why they were here.

It was quite possibly one of the most special moments I have ever witnessed, and to be honest, it was very hard not to get swept up in the moment, throw my camera in the air and join in the group hug-fest!

Sami and Amanda made me fall in love that day. With who they are, how they are and with those they have around them. The beauty, the normality, the hugeness (word?) of the emotions that surrounds these two, these four, is really kinda, well really kinda fucking awesome. Fucking rainbow, unicorn, sparkly, shit awesome. So congratulations to them. Surprise weddings ROCK!!!!!!! (Sorry for swearing so much)



“‘Tears. TEARS!! I honestly I don’t know what I was expecting, I knew they’d be good but they are fucking AMAZING thank you so much. Honestly from the bottom of our hearts thank you for capturing the day for us so beautifully”


Sami Nicola

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