Colour me Blue.

Queenstown – South Island – New Zealand

“So Fancy flying over to New Zealand to take some family pics, I can promise you awesome wallpaper and red wine?” she said,

“Does the Pope S**t in the woods!?” I said grabbing my passport, locking the kids in the cupboard under the stairs then running to the airport.

What an amazing weekend. Staying with Chloe (from fame) and her family was fabulous. I’m not sure anyone else got a word in though. We talked at each other none-stop for 24 hrs, only to pause to drink wine and eat cake.

That’s what its like when you meet someone with such passion, you feed off the way they think and express. I felt like I was being lifted. HEAVEN!

And New Zealand, my god its like a film set. And that light. I swear the light is blue, totally clean blue, not a dust or pollution particle in site. I basically had to check my white balance 37 times in the first 3 minutes. And the colours, they punch you in the gut and scream at you. They scream “If you desaturate me I’ll scope your eyes out with a spoon” (I’m not going to lie, it was a little scary)

So yeah, we just hung out, in the blue, with me taking the odd picture here and there. 

Like the heavens and the skies

Like the deep seas so wide

When I am confident and true

When I have faith in you

Colour me blue, colour me blue


Chloe Family-2Chloe Family-5Chloe Family-92Chloe Family-4Chloe Family-1-2Chloe Family-8Chloe Family-28Chloe Family-29Chloe Family-3 2Chloe Family-11Chloe Family-102Chloe Family-12Chloe Family-16Chloe Family-17Chloe Family-18Chloe Family-1-3Chloe Family-70Chloe Family-19Chloe Family-24Chloe Family-23Chloe Family-25Chloe Family-26Chloe Family-130igChloe Family-33Chloe Family-35Chloe Family-36Chloe Family-38Chloe Family-39Chloe Family-156Chloe Family-41Chloe Family-42Chloe Family-43Chloe Family-44Chloe Family-45Chloe Family-50Chloe Family-1Chloe Family-52Chloe Family-55Chloe Family-56Chloe Family-58Chloe Family-63Chloe Family-60Chloe Family-65Chloe Family-243Chloe Family-61Chloe Family-62Chloe Family-66Chloe Family-71Chloe Family-68Chloe Family-69Chloe Family-73Chloe Family-75Chloe Family-76Chloe Family-77Chloe Family-78Chloe Family-79Chloe Family-81Chloe Family-83Chloe Family-84Chloe Family-85Chloe Family-87Chloe Family-89Chloe Family-90Chloe Family-91

“Your art, your company, your willingness to entertain my mad crazy idea and incredible patience with my bonkers family has channeled a groove in our hearts we will never forget and will always be grateful for Becs. You genius xx” Chloe Lodge

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