Turning 1 with Winter Hugs.

Manly Dam – Northern Beaches – Sydney

Winter is the time when you see the bone structure of the landscape, something waits beneath it, the whole story doesn’t show. It whispers.

Its a time for comfort, for good food and knitted warmth, for the touch of a loving hand and for talks and brisk walks: it is the time you know you’re solid…

This shoot was the start of my love affair with the Australian Winter.

Turning 1 years old surround by ducks and hugs. Whats more perfect?


Client Response:

“Wow Bec, 

I’m absolutely BLOWN AWAY by your talent and creativity. These photos are beyond amazing and memories I’ll treasure forever. They capture my family in such a raw and real way, and expose all our love and truth. You have absorbed so much of who we are and have produced striking, beautiful, artful pictures.  

Thank you!
Aniela x  “

For more information on Winter Family Lifestyle Photography in Sydney please visit my site:


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