Young Eyes and a Vintage Heart

Narrabeen – Northern Beaches – Sydney

One Sunday morning when some of the sky was yellow, some the softest blue when one little cloud floated across the sky like a pink feather from some gigantic flamingo, I got to meet Little baby Harvey and his adoring team.

Harvey’s an old soul with young eyes and a vintage heart. His skin is adapting and re-learning. At 3 weeks I expect he knows more than me. More than us. More than her. What a privilege it must have felt  to carrier such a human into this world. The world where he has already visited, a world that has been waiting his arrival.

It truly felt like Harvey had always been there, like there had always been this space and now it was filled, like it was always meant to have been. No drama, no big spectacle, he was just here. Secure in his slot. Secure in his little cluster of love.

Sarah Arhcer BLOG-1Sarah Arhcer BLOG-2Sarah Arhcer BLOG-10Sarah Arhcer BLOG-7Sarah Arhcer BLOG-3Sarah Arhcer BLOG-4Sarah Arhcer BLOG-5Sarah Arhcer BLOG-6Sarah Arhcer BLOG-8Sarah Arhcer BLOG-11Sarah Arhcer BLOG-14Sarah Arhcer BLOG-15Sarah Arhcer BLOG-16Sarah Arhcer BLOG-17Sarah Arhcer BLOG-18Sarah Arhcer BLOG-19Sarah Arhcer BLOG-20Sarah Arhcer BLOG-60Sarah Arhcer BLOG-54Sarah Arhcer BLOG-57Sarah Arhcer BLOG-61Sarah Arhcer BLOG-59Sarah Arhcer BLOG-23Sarah Arhcer BLOG-86Sarah Arhcer BLOG-24Sarah Arhcer BLOG-25Sarah Arhcer BLOG-26Sarah Arhcer BLOG-27Sarah Arhcer BLOG-28Sarah Arhcer BLOG-29Sarah Arhcer BLOG-31Sarah Arhcer BLOG-32Sarah Arhcer BLOG-66Sarah Arhcer BLOG-69Sarah Arhcer BLOG-70Sarah Arhcer BLOG-65Sarah Arhcer-85blogSarah Arhcer BLOG-71Sarah Arhcer BLOG-72Sarah Arhcer BLOG-73Sarah Arhcer BLOG-75Sarah Arhcer BLOG-74Sarah Arhcer BLOG-76Sarah Arhcer BLOG-77Sarah Arhcer BLOG-78Sarah Arhcer BLOG-79Sarah Arhcer BLOG-80Sarah Arhcer BLOG-81Sarah Arhcer BLOG-82Sarah Arhcer BLOG-83Sarah Arhcer BLOG-84Sarah Arhcer BLOG-85Sarah Arhcer BLOG-33Sarah Arhcer BLOG-34Sarah Arhcer BLOG-35Sarah Arhcer BLOG-37Sarah Arhcer BLOG-38Sarah Arhcer BLOG-39Sarah Arhcer BLOG-40Sarah Arhcer BLOG-41Sarah Arhcer BLOG-43Sarah Arhcer BLOG-45Sarah Arhcer BLOG-46Sarah Arhcer BLOG-47Sarah Arhcer BLOG-51Sarah Arhcer BLOG-48Sarah Arhcer BLOG-49

‘We are so happy with our photos that Becs has taken of our family. We love that she made our family feel so relaxed and the session feel like so much fun. She has managed the capture the essence of our family, the love and the craziness. There are so many precious moments, that we will treasure and will enjoy looking back on. Thank you Becs for such a great experience.’

Sarah Archer

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