*Last chance JAKARTA PRINTS for sale, Full Set* {Ladies of Jakarta, Feb 2014 Solo Exhibition}



It has only taken me 6 months to get these up online after numerous request -sorry guys, but you know, a certain amount of life skills lacking here!  So this is the last chance to purchase these prints from the Ladies of Jakarta series. I leave Jakarta in 2 weeks! (Boo-hoo!)

Please email me direct with any orders. Each print, including dry mount framing, is 1.8 mil rupiah.

And yes, here is my radio interview – warning I think I sound like a tool!  But it was nice to be interviewed. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B3xIGMiVn3M&feature=youtu.be


SmallV-20SmallV-12 SmallV-02 SmallV-03 SmallV-04 SmallV-01SmallV-05 SmallV-06 SmallV-07 SmallV-08 SmallV-09 SmallV-11 SmallV-12 SmallV-13 SmallV-14 SmallV-15 SmallV-16 SmallV-18 SmallV-19 SmallV-20 SmallV-21 SmallV-22 SmallV-23 SmallV-24 SmallV-25 SmallV-26 SmallV-27 SmallV-28 SmallV-29

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